Manuka Hunters are proud to crop New Zealand’s world renowned Manuka Honey plantations. The manuka flowering season is very short, so hives must be tough and at the ready.

Through our beehive rental service we put in place strong beehives to ensure you achieve maximum honey yields. When the hives are ready, our harvesting team is primed to seize the opportunity at the drop of a hat.

Manuka Hunters are all about creating superb honey and top returns from your manuka plantation, with the best team in behind to support you.

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Check out our range of honey available to purchase from our Online Store. We currently sell pure New Zealand made Manuka, Clover, and Bush honey.

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What we do - Beehives

Looking for a beehive rental service that produces top manuka honey and knows their way around a farm?

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What we do - Harvesting

At Manuka Hunters we do what it takes to collect the honey and maximise your yield potential. We offer some of the best manuka honey yields in the business, and offer top rates for quality honey.

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Sourcing manuka plantations & bush blocks

Manuka Hunters will help you identify the areas of your farm that are suitable for bee hives, provide an indication up front of what the quality and yield for manuka honey is likely to look like for your site, and where your window of opportunity lies in the season.

We then offer you a contract that is fair and works for both parties, paying top rates for top manuka honey.

If you’ve got stock on the land for some of the year we can also help by maximising the yield on your land when it’s not in use.

Manuka Farm Land Wanted

Looking to create an income off your unused manuka back blocks? Our team of respected beekeepers are on the hunt for good manuka farm land suitable for hives, and can help you assess the potential at your place.

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Get a sense of our operation in action and how you could benefit. Also meet farmers who have been there, done that and kindly shared their experiences on camera.

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Like to learn more about the opportunities on your manuka plantation?

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